[clug] Video card woes

Leo Kliger lkliger at bigpond.net.au
Tue Jul 1 08:51:38 GMT 2008

On Tue, 2008-07-01 at 09:15 +1000, Fred Pilcher wrote:
> Anyone have any ideas on this one? I have one of these Technisat video 
> tuner cards that I got from Renura about a year ago, and it's been 
> working perfectly until a week ago when it stopped working.
> The card's detected and it all looks normal, but it's not tuning any 
> channels - a channel scan turns up nothing. I figured that something in 
> the tuner section had blown up so I bought another one, and it's exactly 
> the same. I tried another antenna  (which works on my laptop) - same 
> thing. Tried it in a different computer - same thing. Reinstalled 
> Kubuntu - same thing.
> I think the technical expression is "wtf?".
> Fred

Hi Fred,

The only thing which springs to mind is one time when I had a similar
issue with my tinyusb2 devices....

The answer was that for some reason they had lost their firmware and
needed me to download it and place it the /lib/firmware directory....
Then, upon plugging them back in, bingo they loaded their firmware and
came back to life.... the issue has never came back because the firmware
is now perpetually there.

This might not be your issue... but it's a place to look.

Good luck,


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