[clug] S.M.A.R.T message for hd failure

Jsparksaa at cs.com Jsparksaa at cs.com
Thu Jan 31 20:01:40 GMT 2008

  I have worked with a few PC's with failed / failing drives in the past couple months and I have gotten warnings from POST that each drive was "in imminent danger."  I guess that when the drive is bad enough that POST can see failure, the drive is close to toast.

  In one case, the drive was making bad noises, but I was able to Ghost the failing drive to a new drive.  The other drives sounded OK, although the initial spin-up of the drive produced some clicking sounds.


David <david at tulloh.id.au> wrote:

>Joshua Worth wrote:
>> I just started getting a message today that my hard drive was failing...
>> It doesn't look good, but I saw on a forum that it might be lying to me
>> but I cant be sure. This message was appearing when I had an extra 80
>> gigabyte drive in my computer, but after taking that out and doing some
>> tests, it turned out to be fine. I am using OpenSuSE 10.3 X86_64
>> Is there a way I could fix this without destroying any data?
>It's a warning and the hard drive may or may not fail in the near
>future.  The difference between now and normal operation is that the
>odds have skewed in the direction of imminent failure.
>If the data on there is not critical, you are happy with it dying in the
>future and you are a bit tight in the cash department then you could
>just keep using it and see what happens.
>Personally I wouldn't want to risk my data in such a way for the price
>of a new hard drive and would replace it as a precaution.
>My understanding is that these warnings relate to hardware failure, so
>you can't fix it in the software.
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