[clug] Free stuff

Alastair D'Silva alastair at newmillennium.net.au
Wed Jan 23 01:57:34 GMT 2008

Hi folks,

We are having an office cleanup, and all junk must go!

Its all free but you have to pick it up from our office in Braddon. You
can call me on 6257 5400 to arrange a time.

3 DEC Alpha clones here, working, but require RAM.
	ATX minitower case
	Samsung Durango II motherboard
	Alpha AXP 21164 CPU (speed unknown - I think its around 733MHz)

5 21" CRT monitors, 1600x1200 resolution. Slightly fuzzy, but if you
tweak the focus pots inside, you can get another couple of years life
out of them.

4 Celeron 400MHz systems, 64MB RAM. Pot luck as to drives

8 Dual Celeron 400MHz systems, no RAM or disks

HP D9000 system, 128MB RAM, no disks (I picked it up at an auction but
haven't had time to play with it)

48cm TV (working, remote broken)

1 CD player (working)

1 radio cassette player (working)

2 15" monitors (working)

Micellaneous printers, DVD drives, (if you want to pull the motors out
for robotics projects)

Alastair D'Silva           mob: 0423 762 819
skype: alastair_dsilva     msn: alastair at d-silva.org
blog: http://alastair.d-silva.org

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