[clug] KDE 4.0

Brad Hards bradh at frogmouth.net
Sat Jan 12 22:03:58 GMT 2008

On Saturday 12 January 2008 10:32:17 pm Chris Smart wrote:
> Brad Hards wrote:
> > On Saturday 12 January 2008 01:56:20 pm Chris Smart wrote:
> >> So, KDE 4.0. Who's scared?
> >
> > Not me, and I've read some of that code.
> >
> > Do the "be free" thing to your hearts content, but remember: no PIM (no
> > kmail, organiser, address book etc).
> Yeah, 4.0 still seems half-baked to me.
I don't think I see it in the same way. This is a x.0.0 release, and it does 
have some rough edges. Right now, it looks like KDE4 windowing is pushing 
some of the less tested parts of the x.org drivers.

However 4.0.0 isn't the logical successor for 3.5.8. There will probably be 
bugfix releases for KDE 3.5. for quite a while (I'm guessing at least 3.5.9 
and 3.5.10). KDE 4 introduces a lot of new stuff, and some of the old stuff 
didn't make it for 4.0.0 (PIM is probably the most obvious example).

4.0.0 should be seen as a desktop environment release mainly for early 
adopters. To make it complete for your purposes, you may need to bring in 
other applications (e.g. if you have problems with TLS, firefox might be an 
option; if you need a mail application, you can use Kontact from KDE3.5)

KDE3 apps _WILL_ work in a KDE4 desktop. 

I personally have KDE4 running as the desktop environment on one of my test 
boxes, and have some of KDE4 running on my primary server.

I'd recommend use of a live CD (I've seen fedora and opensuse ones, and I'm 
sure there are others) if you just want to have a look - or take a look 
before installing, and remember: we do take bug reports and patches :-)


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