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James Cherryh wrote on 28/2/08 5:37 PM:

For the best reference for the ACS, see Tom Worthington.

He's a CBR local who became ACS President for two years, has given
testimony before the Senate and as an expert witness, has served as ACS
Board Member in multiple capacities and has segued this into a
successful consulting and lecturing career - including Visiting
Fellow/Adjunct Senior Lecturer @ CSE ANU.

To quote his site:
> Tom is a past president, Fellow and Honorary Life Member of the
> Australian Computer Society, a voting member of the Association for
> Computing Machinery and a member of the Institute of Electrical and
> Electronics Engineers.
I'm sure Tom would be happy to extol the virtues of the ACS for the
price of a coffee.


> I was a member of the ACS years ago, until I decided they weren't adding any
> value to me.
> <snip>

> In the unlikely event that job opportunities in IT ever make it necessary to
> become an ACS member I'll do so, but at the moment I see them as a
> self-interest lobby group and a bit of a dinosaur.
> Cheers
> James

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