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Paul Wayper paulway at mabula.net
Thu Feb 28 06:52:12 GMT 2008

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Oops, this is what happens when you get an email nearly ready and think "I'll
just read that again later before sending it"...

Mark Woodward wrote:
| 1. Are there any Ruby users? I've noticed there's a Python sig, but was
|    wondering if there was anything similar for Ruby (or any interest in
|    something similar).

I've seen something about a Canberra Ruby group but never heard a peep from them.

If anyone wants to give a talk on Ruby at the PSIG - even if it's an
introduction to Ruby and why we should all want to program in it - then please
let me know!

| 2. This one is definitely off topic, but I'm interested in how many of
|    you are ACS members? Pros/cons? Why you are if you are. Why you're
|    not if you aren't.

I've thought about it, but I'm currently not a member.  My main reasons have
been that it seems to be a very corporate mindset - very closed-source,
proprietary solution mentality - and I believe they've been muttering about
'compulsory accreditation' (i.e. you have to have some ACS-approved license in
order to run a business fixing computers or programming or whatever).  I can
see where they're going but I believe that the market gets by pretty well with
a 'caveat emptor' approach.  There are a lot of people making unrealistic
promises about programming or support and not delivering, but I don't think
that compulsory accreditation is a realistic way to solve that problem.

But I'd be willing to hear the other, non-hearsay side of the story :-)

Have fun,

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