[clug] Compute cubes: Do these already exist?

Aaron Kerr Aaron at Sun.COM
Thu Feb 28 04:35:09 GMT 2008

All the Cobalt web management and setup software was quietly released 
under an open source license a couple of years ago.

BlueQuartz is a community version of the Qube3/RAQ550 software.... but 
do not go to bluequartz.org as it seems to be broken. NuOnce Networks 
<http://www.nuonce.net/bluequartz.php> make Cobalt-style installation CD 
based on CentOS and BlueQuartz.

RaQPort <www.raqport.com> will sell you a pretty server, complete with 
LCD panel, running CentOS+BlueQuartz, that looks and acts remarkable 
like a Cobalt server.

If you are as cheap as me you can get Qube3's or RaQ4's of ebay for 
bugger-all..... but I don't think they will have the CPU and memory you 
are after.


steve jenkin wrote:
> Anyone remember the 'Cobalt Cube'?
> <http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cobalt_Qube>
> SUN bought the company and buried the product.
> Does anyone know of a 'compute cube' being sold/marketed for the
> home/SOHO or 'work-group' market?
> I.e. a server without KVM etc or capable of more storage than its boot
> device, but with high-power CPUs and lots of memory.
> It presumes 'remote desktop' software for display and a storage
> appliance for data.
> The usefulness is being able to site the noisy/power-hungry/hot devices
> away from places you want to keep quiet, and you can secure the
> important stuff - your data & apps.
> Obviously not suitable for gamers & people who need lots of peripherals.
> But might work for those doing video, image manipulation or large
> computing tasks.
> The box wouldn't need a standard ATX range of peripherals/connectors -
> only needs power + network.
> This is *not* an appliance type device - power-hungry and hot -
> something you'd want to turn itself off when not being used :-)
> [Which says 'wake-on-LAN as well]

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