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Paul Wayper paulway at mabula.net
Mon Feb 25 07:11:09 GMT 2008

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Robert Edwards wrote:
| Wondering if any of the wise folk on this list can recommend a
| locally available (Australia) small diskless PC, like a Zonbu
| (we have a Zonbu, but it broke :-(
| I was thinking of an EeePC or another Via EPIA based system,
| but was wondering if anyone had tried and could recommend
| anything else.
| I need: VGA out, wired Ethernet (no need for wireless), USB
| (for keyboard/mouse), Flash filesystem and runs Linux (or can
| be persuaded to).

Interesting - I need something similar.  A friend of mine is wanting to put
together a home file and print server that he can use for his work and for his
family's files.  I was originally looking at something like a Thecus N299,
basically because I want the drives inside the thing instead of outside, but
you have to get an N2100 to get any chance of running Linux on it and it still
doesn't allow me to attach a USB printer (AFAICS).

I was thinking of a Via EPIA machine in a Cubid 699 box, similar to the one I
have at home.  My main requirements are: small, quiet (the more fanless
components, the better), wired Ethernet, USB, SATA and/or PATA connectors, and
optional VGA out for ease of installation.  I don't want external drives,
which rules out the Fit PC and the NSLU2 and similar devices.

Any good recommendations for this, or is the Via EPIA board the way to go?
(It's certainly cheaper than some of the other options I've seen).

Have fun,

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