[clug] ... and WiFi access in Civic

Andrew Smith andrew at coolchilli.com
Wed Feb 20 10:56:21 GMT 2008

Not really an issue according to this reference:


    Other situations where a carrier licence is not required

There are other WLAN situations, in addition to exempt networks, where a 
carrier licence is not required.  These situations include:

    * company LANs used by company employees where supply to the public
      is not involved;
    * wireless networks in an airport lounges, hotels, shopping centres
      and Internet cafes where the service is provided in a single place.

Under a determination announced by the Minister for Communications, 
Information Technology and the Arts on 20 September 2002, these wireless 
networks do not constitute network units.

Anthony Goonan wrote:
> Steve,
> Do u have a Telecommunications Carrier Licence?  Are U intending to apply
> for a Telecommunications Carrier Licence?  
> Pls refer to Australian Commmunications & Media Authority (ACMA).
> Regrds
> Anthony Go 
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> Paul Wayper wrote:
>> I'd also like to hear from those people (Steve?) who have set up 
>> public WiFi access points as to the cost, and any legal questions that 
>> arise.  If we bathe Garema Place in the warm glow of public WiFi, are 
>> we responsible for anything that the public does on that network?
> You need to be able to track stuff back to a MAC address, which is trivial
> with DHCP logs and a transparent proxy.
>>   Are there any other legal aspects we need to consider?
> No, but be aware, public, or any type of wifi, is considered to be Wild
> West. ACA (or whatever they are this month) don't want to know that you were
> there first, then those bastards Azure came along and plonked a more
> powerful access point down right on your channel and it's now blatting the
> shit out of your AP. Sort it out between yourselves, just stop before it
> gets to Molotov Cocktails, ok?
>> And just how much would it cost?
> Upfront - however many AP's you want
> Ongoing - DSL
> We had our transproxy, etc, in the colo, so if you wanted to limit stuff
> you'd need to put that with the DSL, but that makes it easier to do the
> backend auth for WPA as well.
> Oh, and be prepared for people to complain the free service sucks, they
> can't connect, they weren't browsing porn, it just popped up, etc.
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