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> Hi all,
> We are running SuSE Enterprice 9.x  on one of our servers. An 
> important user account had its password expire on us (as they
> do) and after reseting the password we can:
> 1. ssh to the box as another user and then su to the affected account.
> 2. cannot ssh to the box as the affected account (password 
> authentication failure).
> We've restarted sshd, xinetd, double checked the password, and even 
> reset it again. (My knowledge is somewhat limted here as where else 
> go).
> We aren't using PAM, we aren't restricting ssh logons etc.
> Can anyone offer some thoughts as to the cause of the problem?

Doing a 'service nscd restart' often helps. Nscd sometimes unhelpfully
caches obsolete information.

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