[clug] SAGE-ACT meeting 7pm, 20th February 2008

Jacinta Richardson jarich at perltraining.com.au
Wed Feb 13 02:32:34 GMT 2008

G'day folk,

Paul Fenwick is in Canberra and has been asked to speak at the SAGE-AU ACT
meeting.  SAGE-AU is the System Administrators' Guild of Australia and is the
SysAdmin industry body.  SAGE-AU encourages non-members to attend a meeting or
two before joining to get an idea of what it's all about - as such they would
love for to invite you to attend (and you'd be welcome to partake of their free

The talk that Paul is giving is the talk he gave as the OSDC Dinner Keynote
which was well received both by developers and partners alike.

All the best,


                  ACT Chapter General Meeting
                 Wednesday, 20th February 2008

 Date:      20th February 2008
           Third Wednesday of Month

 Time:      7:00 - 9:00 pm

 Agenda:    7:00  Welcome and Business at hand
           7:15  Talk, food, et al
           9:00  Meeting Close

 Title:     An Illustrated History of Failure

 Abstract:  The average individual is given little scope for failure, at
           least not the type that really matters. The opportunity for
           catastrophic failure, that influences nations or continents,
           has been traditionally reserved for royalty, parliament, and
           others in a position of great leadership.

           However in recent times we have developed a profession
           who have the opportunity to fail like never before. A
           profession that can make mistakes that are so monumental,
           so wide-reaching, and so costly they can shake civilization
           to its very core. This elite group, rarely seen by every
           day society, are the foundation upon which modern society
           depends. The few, the proud, the Software Developers.

           Join us for a voyage of discovery, as we travel back through
           history to some of the most monumental failures the world
           has ever seen.

 Speaker:   Paul Fenwick <pjf at perltraining.com.au>
           Director of Training
           Perl Training Australia

 Who:       SAGE-AU Members, System Administrators.
           (Visitors are welcome.  After attending two
           meetings, visitors should become members.)


 RSVP:      mark.suter at member.sage-au.org.au

 Purpose:   To gather System Administrators, System Managers,
           PC Administrators and System Programmers.  To lend
           a sympathetic ear to the plight of System Support.

 Drink:     Orange juice and soft drink.

 Food:      Pizza and snacks.

 Venue:     Staff Training Lab
           ICTS - Building 14
           Ground Floor
           Australian Defence Force Academy
           Northcott Drive

           Google Map: http://s39.zwit.org/

           Lost?  Call 0404-029-316 (Tim) or 0411-262-316 (Mark)

           There should plenty of parking after five o'clock and
           there are bicycle racks near the building.

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