[clug] And Skynet fights back.

Andrew Smith andrew at coolchilli.com
Mon Feb 11 11:04:32 GMT 2008

Wow.  I had a conversation with an ActewAGL DBA over a few beers back 
when they'd just inherited the Transact billing system (Oracle/Redhat).  
The were nervous about the Linux OS (Redhat) as they needed to perform a 
kernel update to fix an issue; a very trivial task, very easy to 
rollback etc.  The actual OS they were originally changing to was SCO, 
to match the other Oracle systems they had, say no more...

I don't know much about Actew's IT support, but providing Windows 
laptops with a very restrictive command prompt/ping policy to Transact's 
core network staff doesn't strike me as particularly supportive.

Neill Cox wrote:
> I particularly like the small accounting firm example.  8 staff and 12 
> PCs - looks like an upgrade from one version of Windows to another.  
> Impressive stuff :)
> Also - ActewAGL as a success story?  DMO?  I've worked at DMO, and I 
> know a lot of ex-Transact people.  Not sure either organization is one 
> I'd look to for an example of how to do IT.
> The ActewAGL case study makes for hilarious reading.  Apparently they 
> moved back to Windows because they could only find one Linux/Oracle 
> developer - mind you that one person was managing to run their entire 
> interconnect billing system. Still it was cheaper to re-develop a 
> "highly specialized, extremely complex and critical" application than 
> hire or train a backup.  Funny stuff.
> Anyway apparently a whole 14 businesses (and two of those actually 
> multinationals) have chosen Windows over Linux in Australia in the 
> last how long?
> Cheers,
> Neill
> On 11/02/2008, at 3:10 PM, Chris Smart wrote:
>> "Listen. And understand. That terminator is out there. It can't be
>> bargained with. It can't be reasoned with. It doesn't feel pity, or
>> remorse, or fear. And it absolutely will not stop, ever, until you are
>> dead."
>> "http://www.microsoft.com/australia/windowsserversystem/getthefacts/default.mspx" 
>> -c
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