[clug] Local NTP server?

Chris Smart mail at christophersmart.com
Tue Dec 23 11:45:59 GMT 2008

2008/12/23 Andrew Janke <a.janke at gmail.com>

> eee-yark!  now you have exhausted my knowledge, but I can only guess
> that this will be a problem as your server is no doubt working at
> "stratum 16" (the lowest of the lowly pond scum sucking time servers).
> As David mentioned the usual source for external time is a GPS unit.
> I can bet this is overkill in your case though as all you probably
> want is to sync the clocks on the machines you have in order to make
> NFS behave or something like that...
Yeah, I see.. that's right. I don't care about the actual time, just that
everything is the same ;)

I guess I'll take a look at rdate. Thanks!!


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