[clug] Local NTP server?

Chris Smart mail at christophersmart.com
Tue Dec 23 09:37:24 GMT 2008

2008/12/23 Andrew Janke <a.janke at gmail.com>

> openntpd doesn't like to play games as a server unless it itself is in
> sync first, monitor the syslog for a bit and when it is happy then try
> to sync a client.

Hmm.. ok so this might be the problem? The server I am syncing too has NO
internet connection.. Does it need one in order to provide its own time to
the network? I assumed not because the packets I captured seem to show
everything talking nicely..

> In my case I generally get the "master" machine working all hunky-dory
> (can take a few hours to sync up unless I play games with rdate on
> boot) and then start pointing clients at it.  You should also have
> something like:
>   listen on
> in /etc/openntpd/ntpd.conf on the server.
> And then
>   server
> on the clients, although I reckon you have done this already... :)

Yep, exactly what I did :)

> Once I have my master working nicely by cfengine install script that
> "mashes" a machine into shape upon first boot after an automated
> install on "my" network first calls rdate and then installs openntpd.

Hmm.. OK. I'll keep playing. Thanks.


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