[clug] Any ideas on what to look for to get an old PC running?

jhock jhock at iinet.net.au
Sun Dec 21 22:46:49 GMT 2008

Hi All,

Thanks to Ian (I love this list. It's so helpful) I have a power cord
for my old PC (MISI Pentium 4).  I have now unpacked it all from storage
however, when I switched it on nothing happened.  I don't want to spend
too much effort on it because I hope to soon get an Eee PC 10 with LINUX
(Once they are available in Australia) but I thought that I could use
this one as a proxy, print server, game machine for my five year old,
wireless modem firewall or something.  (I prefer to reuse than recycle.
Its more energy saving.)

I was wondering if anybody has any advice on how to get it to work. EG.
is there likely to be a fuse inside, is there an area which I should
"jiggle" when I open it, is there a good spot to bang it like they do on
TV (Fonze type thoughts here)?  ;--)

Thanks in advance for any help.


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