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Brian bnc at astronomicalresearchaustralia.org
Wed Dec 17 22:56:13 GMT 2008

Thr first problem is easily fixed.
Go into Yast-System-SystemServices and enable smpppd.

For the second, did you upgrade or do a new install?


keith sayers wrote:
> 	I have recently upgraded from Suse10.3 to Suse11 and encountered several 
> problems along the way, two of which are still with me.
> 	When I open Kinternet I get an error message ¨Connection to local and remote 
> server refused.  Maybe smpppd is not running or you are not member of the 
> group ¨dialout¨.  Also check the server settings in the dialog ¨Various 
> Settings¨.
> 	I found from experimentation that if I go to Konsole, to superuser,  there 
> enter smpppd and then drop it to the bottom bar so that it is running but not 
> obtrusive, then Kinternet will open successfully.  What, please, is smpppd?  
> And is there any way of setting Kinternet to open it itself?
> 	The other problem is in Firefox which will not open, I get an error message 
> (deep breath) : XML Parsing Error : undefined entity
> 	Location : chrome://browser/content/browser.xul
> 	Line Number 187, Column 5:
> 	<key id=¨Key_errorConsole¨ key=¨&errorConsoleCmd. command key;¨ 
> oncommand=¨toJavaScriptConsole();"modifers=accel,shift¨/>----^
> 	Richard Levingston came round and after much searching found a browser.xul 
> file interred within a bigger file, but it was only a two-liner, nowhere near 
> 187 lines.  
> 	Would anybody recognise that, please, and suggest where I might find another 
> browser.xul file?  I am a user rather than a programmer but could probably 
> edit a file if I could be pointed at the right one.
> 	Thank you!  :-)=
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