[clug] Don't ask where I got this from

Steve McInerney steve at stedee.id.au
Sat Dec 13 04:12:14 GMT 2008

on 12/12/08 19:17 Dale Baldwin said the following:
> This is interesting and mostly a load of crap.


>> very small drop in speed, this is a small price to pay for protecting
>> children and women.

This comment made by the protagonist in question *really* gets up my nose.

I was curious based on some related commentary I came across. So I had a quick
research poke around on public figures.
On a 10 year average, about 17 children are *KILLED*, every year, on West
Australian roads. Let alone the rest of the country. Or world. Or those that
are badly injured and scarred - physically and/or mentally - for life by the

I am so pleased to see an organisation like this, that is more interested in
stopping smut, then in keeping children alive.
Apparently the death of children is an acceptable trade off for the
convenience of cars, trucks and so on. But we as a Nation must pull out *all
stops* to stop seeing boobies on the Internet to protect children and women.

https://www.stedee.id.au/2008/12-01/all_cars_should_be_banned [1]

The road (ha! pun intended) to hell is paved with Good Intentions. "I did it
for the children" was probably the first paving stone laid down.

- Steve

[1] I'm really not advocating we get rid of cars. More demonstrating the
misguided focus these groups that argue for the filtering have. There are
*plenty* of other examples within this country that would have a FAR greater
positive - and measurable - impact on far more children then mandatory
Internet filtering.

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