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This is interesting and mostly a load of crap.

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“If they go ahead with what they propose, we’ll wipe out the adult industry
in the next five years.” – Fiona Patten
<http://createsend.showtheworld.com.au/t/r/l/ykuiyd/uytjjjw/r> , Eros
Foundation CEO and Australian Sex Party convener.


Dear ACL Supporter,

I wish to clarify some of the misinformation surrounding the Government’s
plans to better protect children and women by filtering pornography at
Internet Service Provider (ISP) level. Here are our responses to some of the
claims being made by the porn industry and sections of the internet

ISP filtering won’t work
Trials by the Australian Communications and Media Authority
<http://createsend.showtheworld.com.au/t/r/l/ykuiyd/uytjjjw/y> (ACMA) showed
the proportion of illegal and inappropriate content that was successfully
blocked averaged over 92%, a significant improvement on the 2005 trial.
Over-blocking (preventing access to acceptable material) was, in most cases,
less than three per cent - an improvement on the previous trial in 2005.
This bodes well for cleaning up the internet feed to Australian families.

Filtering will destroy internet speed
Slowdowns dropped considerably since the first trial in 2005. One filter
product slowed internet performance by less than two per cent, three
products slowed it by less than 30 per cent. ACMA terms this ‘moderate or
nearly nil performance degradation’. Nonetheless, two products performed
badly, degrading performance by more than 75 per cent. The porn and internet
industries, which make money from the material the Government is seeking to
block, always quote the high end figure. Given that technology is improving
rapidly, it is unlikely that the introduction of filters will make a
significant difference to internet performance. Even if there is a temporary
very small drop in speed, this is a small price to pay for protecting
children and women.

Filtering will lead to ‘China-style’ censorship
This is a red herring. China, and other countries which censor the net, do
not have Parliamentary democracy. Our politicians can scrutinise ACMA and
any blacklists to ensure free speech is not impeded by the plan to block
porn. Importantly, adults who still wish to view legal forms of porn, can
‘opt in’ to view this. In effect, no one is being stopped from viewing
anything legal.

The misinformation being spread by the porn trade, sections of the internet
industry and by the mischievous GetUp organisation risks eroding the will of
politicians to act to clean up the internet. ISP filtering is a Government
election promise, which was re-stated in Labor’s response to ACL’s election
questionnaire. Please click here
<http://createsend.showtheworld.com.au/t/r/l/ykuiyd/uytjjjw/j> .

We are grateful for the hundreds of ACL Supporters who have already e-mailed
politicians through our Make a Stand campaign, Keep IT clean! If you haven’t
joined this campaign, please do so now. The internet and sex industries are
not only alarmist and misleading in their reaction to this Government
initiative, but well organised and funded. Only a strong public response
will ensure the Government keeps its resolve.

If you click here
<http://createsend.showtheworld.com.au/t/r/l/ykuiyd/uytjjjw/t>   to go to
the campaign and then type in your postcode your local Member and Senators
will appear so that you can send them an e-mail urging them to support
filtering. Please take action today and please forward this e-mail to your
friends and ask them to act as well.

Yours Sincerely

Jim Wallace AM
Managing Director




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