[clug] Internet Censorship - Advice?

Robert Edwards bob at cs.anu.edu.au
Mon Dec 8 00:59:50 GMT 2008

Paul Wayper wrote:
> David, it's absolutely fantastic that you're getting this opportunity to 
> speak
> to the Country Liberal party over this.  Keep up the great work.  How 
> did you
> get that set up?  Did you have to say you were anyone 'important'?  I'm
> thinking of trying to contact my local Representative and Senator and 
> seeing
> if I can tee up a similar meeting.

I had lunch with a local ACT Federal Labor senator recently (no names
here, but there is only one...) and asked about the cleanfeed Internet
proposal. Her response (not to be quoted) was along the lines of: "I'm
glad I'm not doing his job" and she indicated that she (strongly)
didn't agree with the policy (I'm trying not to get her into trouble

For what it is worth,

Bob Edwards.

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