[clug] long run function in trolltech qt widget

jm jeffm at ghostgun.com
Fri Dec 5 03:48:54 GMT 2008

Daniel Pittman wrote:
> jm <jeffm at ghostgun.com> writes:
>> Luckily this assumption holds.
> Now, see, this is one of the most problematic aspects of threading: are
> you *sure* it really works, or is it just that there is a 1 in 1000
> chance that it will crash?
> Are you sure that it doesn't receive a corrupt response (or assertion
> failure) from libc when it happens to just sneak in under the wire?
> Worse, are you *sure* this will be true tomorrow, when you add a cool
> new feature to your wizard, or when the library is enhanced?

The words "Yes with limitations" are used in the documentation and apply 
to the third party library. I believe I'm using one of the sections of 
the library that is thread safe as it's only performing a calculation 
(my dodge use of printf for debugging aside). Other parts of the library 
are not thread safe as it does use libc. I'm not planning at this stage 
to use those parts.


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