[clug] Internet Censorship - Advice?

Ian Bardsley ifb777 at tpg.com.au
Thu Dec 4 05:23:37 GMT 2008

Now let me check if I'm understanding all this stuff....

The federal government is looking to spend a very large sum of our (the 
tax payers of Oz) money to provide high speed Internet to 95% of 
Australia and then are planning to cripple that significant and 
expensive advance by  imposing unwanted  filtering  (censorship)  
which,  if most  IT professionals I have seen commenting, have stated 
will slow down all Internet access.  Hmmmm.... maybe we have a problem 
with left hands and right hands here. ;-)

Best of luck with your presentation David....only 2 years to the next 
Federal Election....I surf and I vote!

Regards to all

Ian Bardsley

David Adams wrote:
> Heya CLUGers,
> I'm back in Darwin for a bit and I managed to convince the chairwoman 
> of the Country Liberals up here to let me give a short (10/15 minutes, 
> with additional time for questions) presentation to the party.......... 

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