[clug] Internet Censorship - Advice?

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Wed Dec 3 21:42:33 GMT 2008

Just as a thought to follow this through you may wish to make a
submission for the next budget.  More information at:


prebudgetsubs at treasury.gov.au



On Wed, 2008-12-03 at 15:47 +1100, Andrew Janke wrote:
> > - What the government proposal is aiming to deliver (ie. two filtered
> > internet feeds, one for 'children' and the other for 'everybody else')
> What Michael said plus also be sure to give something that can be
> done.  My personal opinion on this is to spend the $$ allocated to
> this project ($189million last I checked) on Education of our kiddies
> instead regarding this sort of thing.
> Give the pollies something to lobby for, they are good at that.
> ie:
> A: Spend $189million on broken filter:
>    * A few internet filtering companies will get very rich
>    * Said companies will continue to drain Mega $$ in contracts
>         to maintain the ineffective leviathan.
>    * The baddies will use VPN to get around it via private networks
>    * The kiddies will use email/P2P to get around it.
>    * Parents will have a false sense of security
> B: Spend $189million on Education regarding Internet use
>    * Costs nothing (to implement).
>    * We can employ more teachers (Un-Employment down)
>       At $50k p/a we can employ another 3780 of them and
>       with approx 9000 schools in Oz this might begin to work.
>    * "leverage" the ALP computers for schools thing into this.
>    * Kiddies get a better education
>    * Baddies will have a shrinking market (perhaps :)
> Just trying to point out that you are always better of presenting
> ideas on how this could be better done (spending our money), rather
> than just bashing down bricks.
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