[clug] Internet Censorship - Advice?

Andrew Janke a.janke at gmail.com
Wed Dec 3 04:47:48 GMT 2008

> - What the government proposal is aiming to deliver (ie. two filtered
> internet feeds, one for 'children' and the other for 'everybody else')

What Michael said plus also be sure to give something that can be
done.  My personal opinion on this is to spend the $$ allocated to
this project ($189million last I checked) on Education of our kiddies
instead regarding this sort of thing.

Give the pollies something to lobby for, they are good at that.


A: Spend $189million on broken filter:
   * A few internet filtering companies will get very rich
   * Said companies will continue to drain Mega $$ in contracts
        to maintain the ineffective leviathan.
   * The baddies will use VPN to get around it via private networks
   * The kiddies will use email/P2P to get around it.
   * Parents will have a false sense of security

B: Spend $189million on Education regarding Internet use
   * Costs nothing (to implement).
   * We can employ more teachers (Un-Employment down)
      At $50k p/a we can employ another 3780 of them and
      with approx 9000 schools in Oz this might begin to work.
   * "leverage" the ALP computers for schools thing into this.
   * Kiddies get a better education
   * Baddies will have a shrinking market (perhaps :)

Just trying to point out that you are always better of presenting
ideas on how this could be better done (spending our money), rather
than just bashing down bricks.

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