[clug] Tomato Firmware / Linksys WRT54GL comments, caveats, cautions

Ian Matters iristech at gmail.com
Sun Aug 31 21:32:41 GMT 2008

Good morning CLUGgers.

I hope to become the proud owner of a Linksys WRT54GL wireless router  
some time today and I was thinking of installing Tomato Firmware v1.21  
(http://polarcloud.com/tomato) on it.

I was wondering if anybody in the group has done this or something  
similar and may have some comments, caveats or cautions to enlighten  
me before I blow away the Linksys Linux firmware.

My main reason for changing from the Linksys firmware to Tomato is  
that I hope to gain greater control over the QoS settings particularly  
for my WiFi connected users.

Ian Matters

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