[clug] interesting embedded Linux on my TV

Hal Ashburner hal.ashburner at gmail.com
Sat Aug 30 15:10:19 GMT 2008

Paul wrote:
> This appears to be for some of the phones..
> try this URL mentions on the TV GNU display
> http://www.am-linux.jp/lists-dtv.htm
> unfortunately website is a bit thin on the ground
If the URL isn't obvious, a written request should do the job.
I'm sure Panasonic fully intend to abide by their licensing obligations. 
If you're not having any luck, maybe
tech at gpl-violations.org
from the lists here:
could give you some useful pointers, or might pick up the ball and run 
with it. I'm not sure how they go about things beyond what is written in 
their faqs.
My understanding is that a vendor doesn't have to distribute code to 
anyone to whom they haven't distributed a binary under the GPL. Which 
means maybe you are uniquely placed as having bought the product and 
also being a member of the community who cares about proper Free 
Software licensing compliance?
I'm not sure how hackable a tv is likely to be, but the linux mips 
hackers might be interested to see what they've done. They may be using 
other interesting pieces of GPL software and made interesting changes.

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