[clug] bittorrent and friends..

Andrew Janke a.janke at gmail.com
Sat Aug 30 12:29:48 GMT 2008

>> So of course, why not play google and back up everything to each
>> other, and use something like bittorrent to share the data about, then
>> amongst the 7 or so of us things will always remain "synched".
> Depends on how your backups are operating, but a cursory glance suggests
> that gittorrent may be of use here: http://gittorrent.utsl.gen.nz/rfc.html

Thanks Jack,

Pity I would have to implement the things to start with (gittorrent
seems to be all pie in the sky at this stage) but I think you have put
me on the right track (revision management system + bittorrent)



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