[clug] backup script?

Paul mylists at wilsononline.id.au
Fri Aug 29 22:18:37 GMT 2008

I've been wanting to figure out the best backup method, which in my opinion revolves 
around easiest restore method.
I've just had to replace a HDD recently so this bumped this up the priority list.

Initially I thought some sort of tar command , but presumably I would have to filter out 
the run-time files eg /proc /tmp etc..
Has anyone got a working script that I could use?

The other method which I'm wondering about is some sort of image backup of the whole 
drive, as this would make restore alot easier, right?
Note my root drive current holds about 5Gb of data so it could possibly fit onto a DVD if 
I squeeze/zip it, but mostly I will just copy backup file to another mounted drive.

Any thoughts.

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