[clug] EeePC 1000s?

steve jenkin sjenkin at canb.auug.org.au
Thu Aug 28 07:34:17 GMT 2008

Chris Smart wrote on 28/8/08 3:59 PM:
> Does anyone know who is selling these little machines? Everywhere all
> I see are the Windows version and call me crazy, but I don't want one
> of those. Is anyone else interested in one, if I find a distributor?
> -c

Today was the first I'd heard of the B202.
While it is sold with Win-XP, it boots into (what I guess is) Linux..

Cheapest I saw these for on-line was $399 (shopbot), but 'stonebridge'
has them for $429 - which I'd believe...  For 2-3 times the price of a
NSLU2, are these a better bet for 'home appliances'??  I guess they
consume a lot more power - a real downside.


"We also like the Eee Box's start-up software layer, called ExpressGate.

 Approximately seven seconds after you power the system, ExpressGate
presents you with:

 a pre-Windows operating system

 with applications for browsing the web, instant messaging, looking at
photos and making VoIP calls with Skype.

 The ExpressGate screen gives you a button to load Windows XP if you
need to go into the more robust operating system, and if you do nothing
once ExpressGate loads, it will move on directly to XP as well.

 This software is so handy we'd like to see it on every PC."

In answer to the comment about Asus 'recommending' MS-Win:
 - it'll most likely be in their contract with MSFT
 - the world has turned on MSFT yet, so they have to be 'safe'	

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