[clug] Help with cloning an old Debian system please

Stephen Hodgman steve at namsys.com.au
Mon Aug 18 21:14:47 GMT 2008

Gday All,
I have an old Debian 2.2 system that is running a critical application.
This is being upgraded but the upgrade is taking some time and I want to
have contingency in place.

The application is an old SCO binary that I am running using the iBCS2
emulation. I have done a bit of research on the net but it seems that
the iBCS2 or  linux-abi as I think it became is no longer supported.
Well I cannot see it for recent kernels beyond 2.4.21.  If anyone can
help with getting this to work on say a recent CentOS 5 I would be

Alternatively, I would be happy to clone the existing disk.  This would
give me a backup strategy until the upgrade is complete.

Now it is a long time since I have done this so I would like some
confirmation that what I propose is correct.
I was planning to install a separate disk and create equivalent
partitions on it.  Then dd the contents of the running system to this
disk.  I am not sure what else would be required but memory says I need
to do something to get the disk to boot.

Can anyone help with this please?
Thanks for your time.
Stephen Hodgman
Namadgi Systems
+61 (0)407 182 355 (mobile)
+61 (0)2 6285 3460 (Office)
+61 (0)2 6285 3459 (Fax)

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