[clug] CA Cert problem

Robert Edwards bob at cs.anu.edu.au
Fri Aug 8 02:30:43 GMT 2008

So I have 70 points with CA Cert so far (seems that two of the four
assurers at CLUG last month have been assured that I am who I claim
to be and the other two are not so sure - should I have given them
access to so much of my private identity data if they are not actually
intending to give me the assurance points...?). Many thanks to the
two who have assured me so far.

Anyway, I am trying to generate a server certificate for my home
web server, which previously had a (now expired) self-signed cert.

When I attempt to register the domain, CA Cert tells me:

"The domain '2hgt.svana.org' is already in the system and is listed
as valid. Can't continue."

When I attempt to generate a server cert, it says:

"The following hostnames were rejected because the system couldn't
link them to your account, if they are valid please verify the
domains against your account.

Rejected: 2hgt.svana.org"

Before I ping someone at CA Cert, I was wondering if anyone in the
friendly CLUG brain-trust could suggest what I am doing wrong?

If someone else has already registered my domain, can I find out
who they are?


Bob Edwards.

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