[clug] How do i get a list for only connected clients

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steve jenkin wrote:
| Sukhee wrote on 28/4/08 7:56 PM:
|> Hello,
|> I'm using fedora core 8 and using samba server to share my folders to
|> windows clients.
|> I need to know my clients IP's at runtime.  How do i get a list
for only
|> connected clients?
|> Can anyone help me ? Please.

| 'lsof' tells you who's connected to what program
| strace can tell you what's connected on what IP ports.
| The linux 'netstat' command does produce a per connection (with
| protocol) listing, not unlike 'lsof'.

| There is also loads of information in the SMBD log files - and you can
| turn up the debugging levels for more info.

| This is without looking at /proc - I seem to remember there is a
| in there for IPv4 and TCP connections...

| How good are your scripting skills?
| I think the info is all readily available, but you have to collate it.

I didn't see the original email, but surely smbstatus tells him what
~ he's asking for?

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