[clug] ALERT: Email you sent may have contained a virus

Juno Customer Care security at support.juno.com
Tue Apr 15 22:00:58 GMT 2008

An email message you recently sent to Juno Customer Care may have been infected with a virus and therefore this potentially harmful message has not been delivered.

For Juno Customer Care, please visit http://www.juno.com/support. If you subscribe to a Juno premium service such as SpeedBand, Platinum or MegaMail, you can contact Customer Care using the online form at http://www.juno.com/pat. A reply will be sent to the email address you provide.

Juno is serious about protecting users from harmful computer viruses. You can protect yourself and others from computer viruses by installing anti-virus software on your computer and checking for periodic updates as directed by the software manufacturer. For more information about how Juno protects you, why you are receiving this email and how you can protect yourself from viruses, visit http://www.juno.com/antivirus.


Juno Customer Care

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