[clug] April CLUG Programmers' Special Interest Group meeting

Paul C. Leopardi paul.leopardi at iinet.net.au
Thu Apr 10 22:54:46 GMT 2008

I missed reading the later messages and went to the Pancake Parlour at about 
6:45. On arriving there the waitress confused the SIG booking with another 
booking for 7:30. At 7:30 I went to the Internet cafe 2 doors down and saw 
the other messages. Well at least I got some marking done last night.
Best, Paul

On Tue, 8 Apr 2008, linux-request at lists.samba.org wrote:

> Date: Tue, 8 Apr 2008 08:00:01 +1000
> From: Paul Wayper <paulway at mabula.net>
> Subject: [clug] April CLUG Programmers' Special Interest Group meeting
> To: linux at lists.samba.org
>         CLUG Programmers' Special Interest Group Meeting - 10th April 2008
>         ==================================================================
> Date:           10th April 2008 (Second Thursday of the month)
> Time:           18:30 - 21:00 (or when it finishes)
> Speaker:        Jeremy Kerr
> Abstract:       Jeremy will be demonstrating the work he's been doing
>                 to get the OpenWRT distribution to work on the
>                 Playstation 3.
> Venue:          Canberra City Pancake Parlour
>                 Find platform 4 in the City Interchange (see map below)
>                 and then look for the Pancake Parlour sandwich board.
>                 At the bottom of the stairs, look for the PSIG sign on
>                 the counter and a stuffed penguin in the indicated
>                 direction.
>                 http://tinyurl.com/dyexl
> Food/drink:     The Pancake Parlour has a large variety of food and
>                 drink available, so bring some cash and grab a bite
>                 to eat or drink.
> If you would like to give a talk at a future meeting, please email me.

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