[clug] April CLUG Programmers' Special Interest Group meeting

Jeremy Kerr jk at ozlabs.org
Wed Apr 9 00:07:35 GMT 2008

Hey PSIGgers,

> Abstract:	Jeremy will be demonstrating the work he's been doing
> 		to get the OpenWRT distribution to work on the
> 		Playstation 3.

I think that the PS3 OpenWRT stuff may be a little off-topic (and 
possibly a little too trivial) for PSIG, so how about the following:

Porting your application to Cell: The lca2008 hackfest solution

The linux.conf.au 2008 hackfest involved porting a fractal generator 
program to the Cell Broadband Engine Architecture:


I'll be talking about how to go about porting applications to the Cell, 
using the hackfest as an example task. This will involve a range of 
tasks, starting with using the SPE libraries to offload work, down to 
assember-level optimisation of the offloaded code.


How's that sound?



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