[clug] OLPC talk at Rotary Sunrise Canberra

Simon Pascal Klein klepas at klepas.org
Tue Apr 8 06:13:01 GMT 2008


Just some heads up on how the OLPC talk at Rotary Sunrise went last  

Firstly I want to pass along a thanks to Tomasz Ciolek, Paul Hampton  
and Chris Yeoh for kindly lending me their XOs to pass around at the  
OLPC talk I gave at Rotary Sunrise, Canberra. It essentially covered  
the OLPC project and features of the XO.

What made it a real success was that one of the Rotarians had invited  
the respective High Commissioners and Counsellors from Kenyan,  
Nigerian and Zimbabwean embassies. Throughout the morning they and the  
rest of the audience had a chance to see and use the XOs which were  
sitting amongst the audience on the breakfast tables.

I briefly had a chance to chat with them and they are all interested  
and would like to get in contact with OLPC Australia. Also, the Rotary  
District Literacy Committee Chairman was present at the meeting, and  
Rotary Sunrise is looking for a written request outlining specific  
goals and requests for an OLPC Australia project such that the club  
can help.

Tomasz, Chris, Paul: I’ll be at PSIG this Thursday so I can hopefully  
get the XOs all back to you. :)


Simon Pascal Klein
Concept designer

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