[clug] How do I keep a persistent X session

Eyal Lebedinsky eyal at eyal.emu.id.au
Thu Sep 27 22:54:27 GMT 2007

I have a workstation which I mostly use, and a number of other machines
that I run in the background. I keep an X session (or VNC for windows) on
my WS for these.

My WS is hibernating when not in use, and as such the X session is killed
each time. I want the session to survive the off/on process.

I thought that lbxproxy can do this (true?) but I now find that it was
deprecated in RH/F7. What replaced it?

Should I use something else (I know that NX is an option)? I do need
to monitor mostly linux but also one windows machine.

Eyal Lebedinsky	(eyal at eyal.emu.id.au)

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