[clug] Mac OS X over Network and Ubuntu

Alex Satrapa grail at goldweb.com.au
Tue Sep 25 00:23:02 GMT 2007

On 24/09/2007, at 20:28 , Karun Dambiec wrote:

> I am trying to install Mac OS X over a network. I have the Mac OS X  
> 10.4
> cds but am not sure how to install it.

 From the Apple literature:
     Mac OS X systems can automatically discover boot images on
     the server using an extension to the BootP and DHCP protocols
     called Boot Server Discovery Protocol (BSDP). This enables
     you to take a new computer out of the box and configure it to
     your specifications in minutes. Just plug in the power cord
     and Ethernet cable and hold down the “n” key. NetBoot in Mac
     OS X Server takes care of the rest. The system boots,
     connects to the network, finds the default NetBoot disk
     image, and starts up fully configured.

Here is a description about the process: http://www.bombich.com/ 

There is no RFC that I'm aware of which describes BSDP, or how to  
write your own BSDP server. Neither am I aware of any FOSS  

Hope this helps.

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