[clug] Re: Hard drive wanted (fiddleheadfern)

Sakari Mattila smattila at tpg.com.au
Sat Sep 22 20:14:48 GMT 2007

A lesson from similar experiences with hardware is, that
"Thou shall not run the back-up hard disks from the same
power supplies." Each of the three (computer, backup 1,
backup2) should have independent PSUs, preferably
independent UPSes. PSUs fail, sometimes producing 
overvoltages  and destroying all hardware running off the
PSU.  According to textbooks and electronics designers, 
this can not happen, but in rude real life it happens.
Fairly inexpensive Ethernet-connected (without power over
Ethernet) file server boxes are OK, but USB-, IEEE-1394 or
SATA-connected are no good. Why ? USB takes +5 V,
IEEE-1394 +12 V and SATA +3.3 V, +5 V and +12 V from
the device it is connected to. BTW. All these should be
unmounted before disconnecting, ie. the "Safe to remove
hardware" in Windows.

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> David Lloyd wrote:
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> Alex wrote:
> >  It's amazing how many people suddenly start thinking about a backup  
> > strategy *after* they've lost some critical data.
> Actually, I've been really good about following a regular & detailed backup
> protocol. Unfortunately though, the Seagate external drive was my PRIMARY
> backup location, meaning that it was where I'd stored all of the most recent
> & _complete_ images/wizards AND the recovery files (bad!) for my local
> drive. To make matters worse, I'd JUST moved a TON of files (all my photos,
> installation files, etc) onto it _temporarily_ while I was replacing a
> faulty HD in my laptop. And yes, like a good little techie, I saved other
> copies/images of my files elsewhere - but since I didn't have any other
> large empty storage drives & didn't want to use up dozens of dvd's, I was
> only able to make duplicate copies of _some_ of My Docs & of only the most
> critical installation/settings files... meaning that, now that the Seagate
> doesn't work, I don't have any accessible copies of every program, of my
> large (mostly media) folders, and certainly not of the 175gb of research
> data+results I'd saved to the dead drive.

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