[clug] Hard drive wanted [SEC=UNCLASSIFIED]

jrc jrc at anbg.gov.au
Fri Sep 21 07:23:26 GMT 2007

Nothing new here...

For centuries blacksmiths have been warning apprentices that it is good idea
to spit on a piece of iron before picking it up.

And they never do.  Until...


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On 21/09/2007, at 16:45 , David Lloyd wrote:

> /me runs for the hills before he gets found...

It's amazing how many people suddenly start thinking about a backup  
strategy *after* they've lost some critical data.

Everyone on the list should take this as a timely reminder to check  
that their backup and recovery strategies are operational and  
properly tested (ie: you've actually tried to recover your data from  
bare metal using your recovery strategy).

Don't hit delete just yet, go check your backups!


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