[clug] Hard drive wanted

David Lloyd lloy0076 at adam.com.au
Fri Sep 21 06:45:14 GMT 2007


> If anyone out there (especially you, Paul) has a drive that fits the bill,
> PLEASE let me know! If you do, I'd happily do whichever you'd prefer: (1)
> Borrow the circuit board long enough for my genius technician to swap it
> onto my dead drive, retrieve my uber-important files, and then swap it back
> unharmed (guaranteed!); (2) Buy the drive off of you for the going online
> rate + S&H; or (3) Buy you a brand new ST3250823A drive instead. Whichever
> you'd prefer. I just REALLY need to find a matching drive before my advisor
> asks to see my results....

One word:


/me runs for the hills before he gets found...


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