[clug] problem installing ubuntu on Mac

Karun Dambiec kdambiec at ieee.org
Thu Sep 20 11:01:45 GMT 2007

I have downloaded Ubuntu, and I am trying the current initrd. I am receiving
the message saying that the ramdisk cannot load. Apparently their is a size
limitation of 6mb or so for yaboot.

Is anybody able to provide a smaller one for ubuntu 7.04 powerpc

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Hi Karun,

> Has anyone had experience installing Ubuntu on a Powerbook, over a
> network?

You'll need to netboot the installer image from a tftp server.

This page has a good set of instructions on netbooting a powerpc 


It's been a while since I've done this on the G4, but the following 
kernel and initrd should work:


Then once the installer is running, you can just point the installer at 
your closest ubuntu mirror, and it'll be peachy from there.



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