[clug] Re: Software Feedom Day [SEC=UNCLASSIFIED]

Pilcher, Fred Fred.Pilcher at act.gov.au
Wed Sep 19 00:15:08 GMT 2007

Paul wrote: 
> I bought a Targus bluetooth 
> optical mini-mouse that comes with a stack of features - a 
> joystick that acts as a two-way scroller, press a button and 
> it becomes a set of media keys, etc etc.  I was expecting a 
> fight, especially when the thing came with a full A4 page 
> with instructions on how to install it on whichever of the 
> three different bluetooth drivers that you can get with 
> Windows (and how would you know, exactly?).
> Yes, my solution did involve the command line, but after a 
> bit of Googling I found the one command to enter that would 
> connect to the mouse.  And it worked perfectly - even the 
> media keys! - without any fussing with xmodmap or GNOME's 
> keyboard shortcuts or anything.  Another command set it 
> working permanently.
> For a product with Linux not mentioned on the box or in the 
> documentation at all, I think that's pretty good coverage!

I got a Targus Bluetooth mouse with my HP laptop. After some struggling
I can get it to connect and work by issuing a command line command, but
if I leave the mouse untouched for a few minutes it drops out and I need
to manually reconnect by issuing the command again. (Don't have it here
at work, but from recollection it's something really simple like "XXXX

Any idea how I can get it to stay connected?

The Bluetooth connection process is one area in which M$ tramples all
over the pengie.

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