[clug] Re: Software Feedom Day [SEC=UNCLASSIFIED]

David Tulloh david at tulloh.id.au
Tue Sep 18 12:53:43 GMT 2007

Karun Dambiec wrote:
> I would like to use Linux more like I used to, but am mainly using vista at
> the moment, due to its easy to set up hard disk encryption and my current
> built in video card is not really supported by linux.
> Has anybody set up full disk encryption or similar on linux?

My laptop is running full disk encryption, I used to consider it one of 
those nice to have things but couldn't actually be arsed figuring out 
how to do it.  On my last install though, the Debian installer just 
provided it as one of the four initial options.  You select that you 
want an encrypted LVM and then just go through the normal LVM setup 
steps, the only complication is having to pick a pass-phrase.

It runs out of the box perfectly, just boots and asks you for the 
pass-phrase.  Suspend to disk also works perfectly, you just get asked 
the pass-phrase during boot.

It does impact your performance though, as I expect the Microsoft 
implementation does too.  I chose to encrypt my swap, the extra delay 
makes swapping far more noticeable.


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