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jrc jrc at anbg.gov.au
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Thanks Paul - that is exactly the sort of thing that a user coming from the
commercial prepackaged world of OSes would be expecting.

If I did not have a copy of whatshisname's Ubuntu Bible and an almost
forgotten distant memory of some Unix command line incantations I would
*never* have been able to find those two additional HDs that cost a lot of
money, and would have trashed Linux and gone back to not paying a lot of
money the champions of the capitalist military industrial complex to be able
use the box on my desk.

Once Linux achieves this level of plug 'n play transparency for the hardware
it runs on, it will be position to invade the domestic mum 'n dad 'n 2 kids
2 car 2 mortgage computing market. 

Until then it will remain another just fun way to spend an evening for those
who care...  

It is one of humanity's great and eternal conflicts: smart applications for
dumb people vs dumb applications for smart people.  Which is why we are
attracted to Linux, right?   :)


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How about something like this: a process that, when you log in, checks
all the active partitions are mounted, and if not creates mount points and
entries in /etc/fstab and mounts them.  It would allow you to select which
partitions to mount in this way, where to mount them (/media/$volume_label
default) and which to never bother you about.  It could be installed
automatically by your distro's install process if the new user specifically
requested it, but would otherwise be left uninstalled.

Sound reasonable?

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