[clug] Urgently required - Fedora core 7 media - Barton Aera

Chris Wallis chris.wallis at c-tek.org
Tue Sep 18 00:08:44 GMT 2007

Hey there

I was wondering if anyone had a copy of fedora core 7 laying around in the
Barton business area. I was going to try to pull the iso over my work link
but surprise surprise it was to saturated to make it worth my while. I am
rather quite desperate so I am willing to pay for time/media.

Please contact me personally prefibly via email or by phone

Anyhow thanks for reading


Chris Wallis

Technopia Emerald

C-Tek Collective / Complexual Recordings
http://www.c-tek.org / http://www.complexual.com

e:  		chris.wallis at c-tek.org
ph: 		+61 403 782 628

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