[clug] Re: Software Feedom Day - Linux problem-solving guide

David Lloyd lloy0076 at adam.com.au
Mon Sep 17 05:27:04 GMT 2007


> What seems to be needed is a list with chip (IC) codes, which are
> compatible and which are not. This is a problem with digital television
> cards. There are only a few ICs, but nobody seems to exactly know 
> which ones are supported, which ones are not.

Sorry, but I just want things to work; I really don't have the time to 
explain to new comes how to find out chip codes. I'm not entirely 
certain I could quickly (and I've been a computer enthusiast for around 
25 years now).

> One more thing to add to the list:  d) how to use Unix/Posix/Linux
> command line commands.  To help about that I tried to write a simple 
> guide, google <"command line commands" Mattila>, the URL is very long.
> The original text at UC is gone.

If they just want to do e-mail, watch videos from YouTube and 
participate on MySpace -- and occasionally do homework with Open Office 
when they finally get forced to -- why on earth would they want to learn 
command line commands?

Just some food for thought :)


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