[clug] Kernels are easy, ls is the hard part!

Randall Crook rcrook at vtown.com.au
Thu Sep 13 14:09:52 GMT 2007

All in all, I think the real point is, weather we like it or not, a
"Linux" systems covers more than just GNU and Linux. The real reason
"Linux" Systems are called Linux is the human propensity for laziness.  
Its easier to say "I run linux on my boxen" and the English language is
too flexible and adaptable to drive the laziness out.

True, the lay-people don't fully understand how many
groups/communities/developers etc. are involved in the "Linux" distro
they go searching for on the net. I am sure it would blow alot of them
away to know that literally 100s of communities contribute to "Linux".
To them its just "Linux", a tag, a name, a convenient handle to describe
that which has become synonymous with geeks and data centres.

Those of us who do understand the universe that encompasses GNU Linux
realise that it is more than just "Linux". But it all comes down to
language. I think RHS will be disappointed to find that the society the
uses brb, lol, ur, and kewl will never use GNU Linux... We are stuck
with Linux... Until something else come along. Remember people don't say
I run windows vista business on their PC, they say I run Windows, or
they say I run Vista.

BTW, Sam.... emacs doesn't need a text editor... the world has vi. ;)



Pietro Abate wrote:
> On Thu, Sep 13, 2007 at 09:16:30PM +1000, David Tulloh wrote:
>> Pietro Abate wrote:
>>> To Call a system Gnu/Linux is a way let people know that the system is
>>> composed only by the kernel (linux) but also by other application such
>>> as the gnu platform. In fact debian calls its system as Debian Gnu/Linux
>>> to state that yes, the system is based on Gnu/Linux but also that is
>>> kept together by the debian system/community.
>> Language evolves, Linux has evolved to means the whole system rather 
>> than simply the kernel.  These days when people want to refer to the 
>> kernel they generally state "The Linux Kernel".  If Hurd ever becomes 
>> mainstream I'm sure we will see Hurd Linux or The Linux Hurd Kernel used 
>> in many of the media sites.
> Yes, but sometimes it evolves in the wrong direction. Many times
> literate people say that journalist (even technical journalists ahahah
> :) ) are very slow to keep up and to learn how to use the correct
> jargon.  Of course the reason is clear. Using a technical jargon
> excludes the masses from understanding even simple concepts. However not
> for this reason that literate people (as members of this list) should
> make the same mistake and misinterpret RHS words.
> On one hand he is a geek and prefers to use a technical language, on the
> other hand RHS is trying to brand the FSF software in a certain way. The
> second aspect is the more important. If we agree with the
> social/economical ideals of the FSF, then we should put an effort to
> help the FSF to brand its platform in this way. If we disagree, then is
> correct to call things in a different way, the same way M$ tried for
> years with their "get the facts" campaign ...
> Geeks are learning the ways of marketing :)
> pp

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