[clug] Kernels are easy, ls is the hard part!

Ian McCulloch ianmcc at physik.rwth-aachen.de
Thu Sep 13 11:27:02 GMT 2007

On Thu, 13 Sep 2007, David Tulloh wrote:

> Pietro Abate wrote:
> > To Call a system Gnu/Linux is a way let people know that the system is
> > composed only by the kernel (linux) but also by other application such
> > as the gnu platform. In fact debian calls its system as Debian Gnu/Linux
> > to state that yes, the system is based on Gnu/Linux but also that is
> > kept together by the debian system/community.
> I think that it's worth noting that the FSF sponsored Debian for it's second
> year of existence, I'm not aware of any other distros that use the GNU/Linux
> tag.
> Language evolves, Linux has evolved to means the whole system rather than
> simply the kernel.  These days when people want to refer to the kernel they
> generally state "The Linux Kernel".  If Hurd ever becomes mainstream I'm sure
> we will see Hurd Linux or The Linux Hurd Kernel used in many of the media
> sites.

Only if they are really clueless.  A GNU/Xorg/.../Hurd system has nothing 
whatsoever to do with Linux.


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