[clug] In Kmail how can I turn .DOC to inline HTML?

Michael James clug3 at james.st
Thu Sep 13 02:41:10 GMT 2007

Dear Kmail Gurus,

I'm part of an email tree, I get sent messages
 and send them on to a wider audience.

Some come with Word attachments!  ||8^(
So I open then in Open Office and save as HTML.
(That's when OO doesn't crash me down to the bedrock
  like the bug-compatible Word clone it is.)

How can I make Kmail accept the HTML as the new message?



PS: Yes it would be a step forward to save as PDF and attach,
      but that would still require the attachment to be opened.
        HTML will display inline and get my message read more.

PPS: Yes, I know this isn't the right list but it's a good list,
 and I'm happy to accept a  Post It To The Ignorant Fn Users List
 as long as you name the right list.  I could only find Kmail-devel

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