[clug] RE Software Freedom Day

Ian Bardsley ifb777 at tpg.com.au
Wed Sep 12 09:58:50 GMT 2007


Sorry to be a little late with this.

I have been lurking this list for some time now and have availed myself 
of the advice offerer by other subscribers.  I am a non computer 
industry Linux user who has no formal IT training and who has for the 
last 6 months been totally Windows free with regard to my small (2 Pcs + 
laptop) home network running Ubuntu. 

The fact that this has happened is in no small part as a result of Linux 
now being a mature enough product to meet my day to day computing needs 
and has been achieved only with the help of forums such as this list and 
all the other forums out there on the WWW.  It has been my experience 
that whenever I have encountered a problem or something that I havn't 
understood, a solution or advise has only ever been a question away.  
All this without frustratingly long waits in Help Desk queues.

I fully support the Software Freedom Day concept as a way to let people 
know that there is another path available to them to enjoy the benefits 
of owning a computer and a connection to the internet than that which 
one conglomorate with much more influence than is healthy has to offer.

If an IT novice can be of any assistance in manning the stand and 
offering the public a non technical perspective on the functionalty and 
power of the Linux product let me know.  I would be more that happy to 
make myself available to participate.

Regards to all

Ian Bardsley

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